Workshop : Escape the bug factory, enter the era of digital competition
Value : They will learn how to apply the Toyota Production System (JIT & Jidoka) to remove the volume in and the stock of incidents in IT systems to increase team capacity and customer satisfaction.
Attendees : IT people working both in Change or Run teams such as project managers, team leaders, lean navigators.

“We are crossing a line into a territory with unpredictable turmoil and exponentially growing change… Organizations everywhere are struggling to keep up with the accelerating pace of change. »

Said John P. Kotter in his last book « XLR8 ». To stay alive organizations have no choice. To enter this fierce competition they have to change. This change is not a small change, it is a big kaiku. Unfortunately it will not coming from an umpteenth reorganization conducted by an army of external consultants but a transformation from the inside with the collaborators. So, to drive this huge transformation in good conditions at a lower costs to stay competitive, organizations have to find extra capacity. If they don’t, they will overburden their collaborators whom will not be able to embrace this big opportunity and take up this vital challenge.

A great mean to increase capacity is to start by reducing support’s demands and production incidents.

This workshop, divided into two parts, will explain how to use the Toyota Production System to go to bug-free applications and less support, for better customer satisfaction and more time for employees.

Part 1 :

A funny game to simulate the resolution of incidents.

During this game you will progressively discover lean principles to improve the situation and get tremendous results.

Part 2 :

During the second part of the workshop, I will make the link between the game and real life using practical exercises.

Then I will show you how to create an environment to apply what we have learned and that you can try with your team.


This workshop is about establishing and developing integrated practices in your business that create a coherent through line all the way from strategic decisions to each task that your employees take.

Often strategy, purpose, and vision are entirely divorced from day to day decision making in companies.  And separation of strategic vision and moment to moment decision making of staff cause endless suffering to people on both sides of the dynamic, as well as resulting in teams under-performing or spending most of the time chasing their own tails.

Karim Bishay will use aspects of strategic decision making from systems like OKR, organisational design and clarity from Holacracy, and practical task management tools and systems from GTD and Asana.  And integrate all of these into a comprehensive and cohesive system that your organization can use to create more equity at the workplace, foster engagement and empowerment, remove bottle-necking, and become much more efficient and effective.

This system has already been implemented in more than 40 companies with over 5,000 people.

This is a workshop to build your power, individually and collectively, to make a difference. It’s about pushing the boundaries of what is possible, mobilising others, and making improvements happen more quickly. If you’ve been frustrated in navigating bureaucracy to get the improvements you know are needed, or criticised for challenging the status quo, this is the session for you. It may change your improvement practice … and your life

After this session, participants will be able to:

  1. Use your energy, creativity, and power to make a difference and deliver improvement.
  2. Demonstrate resilience as a change agent and overcome resistance to change.
  3. Develop the ability to challenge the status quo and rock the boat without falling out

Helen Bevan – Chief Transformation Officer

Helen has been supporting quality improvement within the health and care system for nearly 30 years. She has led and facilitated many nationwide initiatives to improve care, including in cancer services, urgent and emergency care, services for people living with dementia and care in the community. Helen has demonstrated a constancy of purpose and resilience to stay within the system over the years that is rare in internal change agents. She has managed to keep learning, growing and delivering change. Over time, her focus has shifted from managing big programmes of change to approaches that mobilise and build energy and commitment to change on a very large scale. Helen has an ability to connect directly with thousands of frontline staff and patient leaders. She is the number one social influencer in the NHS, and one of the top influencers globally, reaching more than a million people each month through her social media connections, virtual presentations, commentaries and blogs.

This inspiring workshop is based on Torben Wiese’s bestsellerbook “Bend the fish while it’s fresh” and will help you reach both your business goals as well as your personal and inner goals.

Our body is always somewhere physical – in the office, in a meeting, at a seminar, in the car, with our loved one’s and at the dinner table etc. and our mind should be in the same place. But in a busy day and in changing times our mind is often in a whole different place namely in the past and even more often in the future.

When we are mentally present we “Bend the fish” and we listen better, get more ideas, reduce stress, get more effective, built relationships, connect, make better decisions and listen without prejudice and reach higher goals.

Bending the fish also makes us better and more effective in the way we communicate and helps us to make colleagues, employees and customers to listen more carefully to our suggestions and increases the ability that they follow our suggestions – and make both parties reach higher solutions.

You’ll get tools to expand the present moment, learn to communicate better and make people listen and act, be inspired to set yourself new inner goals, get more focused, reduce stress, be mentally present and get lots of new thoughts and tools to use right away.

We welcome you to a interesting, motivational and energetic workshop.