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Information for Lean Ísland 2020

Conference venue

The conference is held at Harpa Concert hall and Conference Center. It is located in the center of down town Reykjavík at Austurbakki 2, 101 Reykjavík. The main room is Silfurberg, located on the 2nd floor.

Conference material

Conference material should be handed in two weeks before the conference day for review. Final version should be handed in a week before. If you are unable to hand in the slides due to confidentiality reasons, you can either bring the material on the conference day via a memory stick or if you prefer to present on your own computer. 


The conference agenda can be found at our website here. The agenda and more information can also be found at the conference app which will be accessible few days before the conference.

At the end of the conference day attendees will join for a cocktail and networking in front of Silfurberg.

Speakers and selected partners are invited for dinner after the conference. The dinner is located at Harpa but specific room location will be provided at the conference day. Please let us know if you will NOT be attending the dinner.


The accommodation provided is at Grand hotel. If extra nights or a double room is needed then we see to the booking and extra cost is charged at checkout.
If other accommodation is preferred, then speakers have to organise that and mind the cost.


Lean Ísland will carry the cost of flights. Booking will either be carried out by the speaker and reimbursed or Lean Ísland.


Airport transport is provided by Flybus. If you wish to book a taxi we can assist you for the booking. If you wish to rent a car then you will have to contact the car rental directly. Vouchers for the Flybus will be sent a few days prior to arrival.

Transport to and from the conference venue is provided by Lean Ísland.

Workshops venue and transportation

The venue for workshops is at Reykjavík University. Transport will be provided with a taxi. Information will be provided via email.

Other travellers

It is a great opportunity to extend your stay and invite friends or family with you. We can assist in booking Grand hotel for extra nights and bigger rooms.

Tours and activities

There are a few things that we recommend if you have time off aside the conference and workshops. Here we will list them out:

  • Blue Lagoon
    A geothermal spa located between the airport and Reykjavík. We recommend to pre-book since it often sells out.
  • Golden Circle
    The Goldern Circle consists of Gullfoss our biggest waterfall, Þingvellir, our national park, and Geysir. You can either drive it with a rental car or book a day tour with a few companies.
  • Down town Reykjavík
    We recommend a walk through the downtown of Reykjavík.
  • Traditional Icelandic Food
    There are a few places where you can enjoy traditional Icelandic cuisine. We reccommend Cafe Loki and Þrír frakkar for example.
  • Thermal swimming pools
    Warm swimming pools are popular in Iceland and you can find quite a few in Reykjavík.