Are you ready to unleash your potential and make a positive impact at work? Do you want to learn how to spark meaningful conversations and inspire others to speak up for good ideas? If so, you won’t want to miss this workshop with Lois Kelly, the co-author of Rebels at Work.
Lois is an expert in helping people communicate their ideas more effectively, especially when they challenge the status quo or face resistance. She will teach you how to use the power of questions and facilitation skills to create a culture of possibility, collaboration, and innovation.

In this interactive and fun workshop, you will learn:

  • Why good conversations are the key to leadership in a complex and uncertain world.
  • How to build your credibility and trust so that people listen to your views, recommendations, and proposals more seriously. (And how to avoid what undermines your influence!)
  • How to encourage different perspectives and new ways of seeing possibilities.
  • How to spark your team’s creativity and innovation with powerful questions
  • Handle objections and challenges with creativity.
  • How to facilitate different types of meetings and conversations, such as brainstorming sessions, difficult conversations, planning meetings, and pitching your ideas and proposals.

This workshop is for you if:

  • You want to increase your credibility and trust and/or that of your department.
  • You want to change your organization’s perception of what’s possible and help people embrace new approaches.
  • You are frustrated that your ideas and proposals often go nowhere, or it takes too long to get them approved.
  • You’re ready to challenge yourself to go beyond your comfort zone.

What to bring::

  • Come with an open mind, a playful spirit, and a belief that asking questions and facilitating conversations is essential for a healthy workplace.
  • Think about some situations where you have struggled to be heard or get your ideas adopted. Where do you get stuck?
  • Optional: bring your teammates and work on one of your challenges together during the breakout sessions and get real-time coaching from Lois.

Lois is the co-founder of Rebels at Work, a global community of people seeking to improve their organizations and find more meaning from their work. She is also the co-author of the book Rebels at Work: A Handbook for Leading Change from Within. She has been helping leaders and teams communicate more effectively for over 25 years, working with clients such as FedEx, SAP, HP, IBM, C-Space, and Brown University. She is passionate about helping people find their voice and use it for good. More information: www.foghound.com and www.rebelsatwork.com.

In our lean journey of more than 30 years we have found great success through the development and refinement of key systems that make it easier for us to do the right thing, and more difficult for us to do the wrong thing at all levels and in all locations of the company.

In this workshop we will discuss five of our key systems: Coaching, Leader Standard Work, Improvement Cards, Gemba Assessments, and Strategy Deployment. For each of these systems you will take away a clear understanding of:

  • how they work;
  • how they’ve impacted our success at O.C. Tanner;
  • how they were developed;
  • how they’ve changed through the years;

and, we’ll do an exercise for each system that will help make them more accessible to you.

Gary Peterson
Executive Vice President, Supply Chain & Production
O.C. Tanner Company

“There’s nothing I love more than being on the factory floor, building connections and relationships with the people who make our manufacturing possible. Putting people first is core to how we do things at O.C. Tanner.”

As our Executive Vice President of Supply Chain & Production, Gary specializes in creating cultures of continuous improvement through manufacturing and leadership excellence. He leads our manufacturing, buying, engineering, refining, and logistics teams. Gary has been at O.C. Tanner for over 35 years and has helped transform the company’s manufacturing operations from “batch” to lean while pioneering team-based procedures that allow each unit to take full ownership of their results. His greatest joy on the job comes from interacting with and inspiring people—empowering them to do their best work. 

Gary enjoys traveling across the globe to assist organizations in generating newfound outcomes for their people and their machines. A member of the Shingo Academy and the AME Hall of Fame, he also currently serves on the Executive Advisory Board for the Shingo Institute and is a Shingo Examiner. He holds an MBA from Brigham Young University and enjoys basketball, snowboarding, and spending time with his family.